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"I first realized that I needed help when I tried to go for a swim and could no longer rotate my left arm over my head. A referral to Sam resulted in a targeted assessment and set of goals along with a sustainable treatment plan. A few weeks later, with diligent application of therapy and homework, my shoulder worked as designed again! Subsequent to the shoulder issue, I managed to do something to my right hip area that prevented me from even walking very comfortably. Sam once again figured out the right progression of therapy that allowed me to get back into performance shape.

Sam is a consummate professional with a positive and happy personality, but her most impressive attributes are her abilities to really listen to her patients, form and focus on achievable goals, and make appropriate adjustments as the therapy progresses. If you're in a spot where you're thinking "eh, I guess this is the way my body is now," think again. Do yourself a favor and get a consultation with Sam. For me, it's made a world of difference, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!" 

Samantha is simply amazing in her field. I was about 2 months out from an Ironman and had a crash on my bicycle which damaged both shoulders to the point I couldn't lift my arms over my head and had very limited range of motion. The crash was devastating to me because I didn't know how I would complete the looming 2.4 mile open water swim. However, working with Samantha, she was able to help eliminate the chronic pain and restore my range of motion to the point that I completed that swim with an 11 minute personal record 2 months later. She is simply the best and the fact she comes to your home or office makes it a no brainer. This was no cookie cutter treatment as she was very engaging and knowledgeable on the anatomy to pinpoint the source of my issues.

Working with Dr. Sells transformed my performance as an endurance athlete. She helped me overcome a nagging issue with my knee and continued to support me so I could keep training without incurring any more injuries. I highly recommend any marathon runner or triathlete like myself to use Dr. Sells regularly to achieve that peak performance!! #GameChanger

My wife had a torn rotator cuff repair, frozen shoulder, and a shoulder manipulation in a five month span. She had been in severe pain for months and had very limited range of motion prior to starting with Sam. We truly believe she is the reason my wife is pain free today and has regained full range of motion. Sam is very invested in her clients recovery and well being. We highly recommend her for anyone needing individualized care.


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