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Physical Therapy for Runners

As runners, we strive to maintain or improve running fitness while staying healthy. However, injuries can still occur, and that's where IFP comes in.

At Integrative Functional Performance, we specialize in physical therapy for runners. We understand the unique demands that running places on your body and the specific injuries that can result. Samantha, an experienced physical therapist and runner, is here to help you recover from your injuries, prevent future injuries, and improve your performance.

Tying Shoelaces
Tying Shoelaces

Injury Prevention

Our physical therapy program for runners focuses on injury prevention. We work with you to understand your running history and current training volume, assess your posture and dynamic movments looking for muscle imbalances and asymmetries, running form analysis, and any other factors that may contribute to injury. By identifying these risk factors, we can create a customized program that addresses your individual needs and helps decrease your risk for injury.

Tying Shoelaces

Injury Rehabilitation

If you do experience an injury, we are here to help. We utilize a variety of techniques to help you recover from your injury and get back to running as quickly and safely as possible. These techniques may include manual therapy (joint and soft tissue mobilizations), muscle re-education, strengthening exercises, and education on how to manage your symptoms and promote healing in between sessions.

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Performance Optimization

In addition to injury prevention and rehabilitation, we also focus on optimizing your performance as a runner. We work with you to improve your running form, increase strength, mobility, dynamic stability, and endurance to help you achieve your running goals.

Services for Runners

Physical therapy

Running analysis

Recovery/maintenance packages

Performance packages

Strength coaching/programming 

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